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Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Owners of Knotts Island #history #genealogy

Knott's IslandKnott's Island
By Jeannette Holland Austin

Knotts Island is a marshy island and a small unincorporated community which is shared by Currituck County, North Carolina and Virginia Beach, Virginia. It is bounded by the Currituck Sound, North Landing River, Back Bay, and Knotts Island Bay. The Princess Anne County, Virginia Deeds reveals reveal the names of its original owners, viz: William Wicker deeded a plantation to his won, Richard Wicker in 1717; Cornelius Jones deeded his son Richard Jones and Rachel his dwelliing plantation in 1716 of about 100 acres; Evan Jones of Knott's Island and Hoskins Island deeded 50 acres to his daughter, Elizabeth Malbone in 1721; other owners on the island were Timothy Ives; Andrew Peacock; Thomas Dudley; William White; Levi Cressley; Thomas Sanderson and John Legat. A good many settlers came first from Princess Anne County, Virginia, and these records, especially the deeds, should be researched by genealogists.

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