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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

William McLean, NC Minuteman at Battle of Ramsour Mills

Minutemen Played a Crucial Role in the Revolutionary War
By Jeannette Holland Austin Profile

The role of the minuteman was conceived in Massachusetts during the mid-seventeenth century. As early as 1645, men were selected from the militia ranks to be dressed with matchlocks or pikes and accoutrements within half an hour of being warned. Later on, another type of minuteman company was called Showshoemen and were to provide themselves with a good pair of snowshoes, one pair of moggisons, and one hatchet and to be ready to march quickly. Also, the French and Indian War had its Minutemen. By the time of the Revolutionary War, the 1775 muster of Minutemen was the product of many years of development. During February of 1775 Concord was one of the first towns to comply with the order to create Minutemen companies out of the militia.

William McLean of Salisbury, North Carolina served as a private Militiaman and was wounded in the battle of Ramsour, by which use his right arm was partially lost. Alexander Worke and John Huggins of Rowan County, North Carolina testified that McLean was a militia soldier during June of 1780 and at the battle of Ramsour Mills where he was wounded by a ball in the joint of his right arm, which has rendered him disabled. Source: Treasurer's and Comptroller's Records, Pension Papers, N. C. Archives.

Battle of Ramseur's Mill
Battle of Ramseur's Mill in Lincolnton, North Carolina.

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