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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Hugenots on the Trent River in NC #history

Trent River
Huguenots to the Trent River
By Jeannette Holland Austin

French Protestants, escaping religious persecution, settled on the Trent River in 1707. They were known as "Huguenots." Two years later, the Lords Proprietors granted to Baron de Graffenreidt ten thousand acres of land along the Neuse and Cape Fear rivers for the purpose of colonizing. Soon thereafter, a great number of Palatines (Germans) and fifteen hundred Swiss followed the Baron, and settled at the confluence of the Trent and the Neuse. The town was called New Berne (named after Berne, Switzerland, the birth-place of Graffenreidt). Later on, some of their descendants fought in the Revolutionary War.

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