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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Daniel Fowle Occupied New 40-RoomGovernor's Mansion in Raleigh

North Carolina Executive MansionNorth Carolina Executive Mansion (profile)
By Jeannette Holland Austin

The 40-room North Carolina Executive mansion in Raleigh was designed by Samuel Sloan and was constructed between 1883 and 1891 at its location on 200 North Blount Street in Raleigh. It is said that the red bricks were fashioned by State prisoners and made from native clay. The interior of the mansion features crystal chandeliers, 18th and 19th century furnishings and hand-loomed rugs. The three-storied residence was first occupied by Daniel G. Fowle in 1891. It had a patterned high-hipped roof with steep, intersecting gables, a small rectangular cupola and verandahs and balconies with ornate brackets and trim.

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