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Monday, July 25, 2016

Captain James Walkup of the Wahab Plantation #history #genealogy

The Battle of Wahab Plantation
By Jeannette Holland Austin Profile

The Wahab Plantation in Union County was owned by the militia Captain James A. Walkup who served as a guide for William R. Davie under the Patriot Militia. On September 21, 1780, the patriots made a surprise attack on the Wahab Plantation where Loyalist were encamped under the command of Colonel Banastre Tarleton, who was not in command upon that day because he was sick with yellow fever. The Loyalists were camped on the West side of the Catawba River while the army of General Charles Cornwallis was camped on the East side. Davie opportunistically decided to attack the Loyalist camp, and succeeded in driving them back in complete surprise and with heavy casualties. He retreated before the British regulars arrived. The British took their revenge by burning down the house of Captain Walkup.

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